The credits video is also included within the game. Many thanks to the unwitting participants in the project!

The arks, majestic interstellar vessels, lead hordes of Earth’s inhabitants away from the overcrowded confines of their home planet, embarking on epic odysseys towards distant extrasolar colonies. These journeys span decades, with colonists slumbering in cryogenic stasis, assisted by a myriad of machines. A wide array of robots tirelessly manages everything, from producing essential goods to building prospective settlements and safeguarding the colossal spacecraft.

But space is not as empty as once thought: it teems with robotic entities that thrive by consuming metallic remnants, relics of vanished extraterrestrial civilizations. Therefore, the arks are fortified with a complex network of defense mechanisms, among which the most intriguing is the Pinbot. This enigmatic guardian combines curiosity and efficiency, a peculiar fusion of technology and artificial intelligence.

The game

Watch Pinbot in action! This video showcases gameplay moments in Pinbot.🕹️

Pinbot reinterprets the classic breakout game in an engaging 3D environment. Traditional brick formations now morph into incubators nurturing alien robots, demanding swift destruction! In this robotic realm, every element is mechanized, whether it’s the peculiar contraption piloted by the player, the antagonizing entities, or the enticing power-ups. Amidst the chaos, a series of relentless machines persist in their tasks, inevitably hindering your progress and adding an extra level of challenge to your quest for dominance.

Embark on a journey through five distinct levels, each containing a series of rooms. Encounter a total of 53 unique rooms, each with its own set of challenges and surprises. To progress from one level to the next, conquer all rooms within that level in a single game. Prepare for a dynamic encounter where every pulsating aspect of robotic vitality amplifies the thrill of the classic breakout concept.

How to play

A video tutorial included within the game, explaining the basics of Pinbot.

Pinbot is played with the mouse or (starting from version 1.2.0) with an XInput-type game controller (Xbox compatible). If using the mouse, it is advisable to use a high-performance “gaming” mouse, as the use of a standard mouse may cause lag due to its reduced precision. The game, including the graphical interface, can be used only with the game controller, while the following keyboard commands are required if using a mouse:

EscAbandon actual game
OSetting during gameplay
Alt+FView FPS display

Furthermore, the mouse wheel allows you to dynamically adjust the game camera’s perspective, providing an intuitive way to perfect the viewing angle during gameplay. The same function is performed by one of the joysticks on the game controller.

Buy it!

Discover the captivating cosmic adventure of Pinbot, now available for purchase at leading online video game stores. Immerse yourself in a frenetic odyssey inside the interstellar ark “Nostromo,” piloting a Pinbot. Experience the thrill and challenge of this indie game firsthand. Get your copy now, join the journey, and hope to reach the final destination…


Do you like the soundtracks of Pinbot? They are available on SoundCloud for free!

Technical information

Minimum system requirements

  • Microsoft Windows O.S.
  • Intel i5 CPU or similar
  • 4GB RAM
  • SSD
  • High-quality gaming mouse or a game controller
  • Video card with a benchmark of approximately 100fps at 1080p

For an accurate assessment of your video card’s performance, we recommend utilizing this online free serviceExplore Pinbot before making a purchase by downloading the demo from your favorite online store. This allows you to test compatibility with your computer, ensuring a smooth experience before deciding to dive into the full game.

Known issues

  • The Pinbot was written with Godot 3.5 and is based on the OpenGL API. Like all OpenGL-based applications, Pinbot may suffer from an issue related to TDR delay. This is a kind of safety system adopted by Microsoft Windows to prevent the operating system from crashing due to applications that heavily utilize the graphics card. Unfortunately, in some circumstances, it seems to be overly effective… The result is sudden and seemingly inexplicable crashes of some applications, often video games, that do not depend on either those games or the video drivers. Resolving the issue is relatively simple: just increase the value of TdrDelay in the Windows registry. Further information is available from the Microsoft website.
  • The autotune has turned out to be the main cause of some seemingly inexplicable crashes. To learn more, see the next paragraph.


The Pinbot is equipped with a system called “Autotune,” designed to dynamically adjust the video resolution in response to significant FPS drops. It should serve to ensure smooth gameplay, even in moments when, for various reasons related to the operating system or the game itself, game performance might drop. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well! Sadly, the idea, as good as it is, collided with the reality of continuously updating video drivers (sometimes they work fine, sometimes they act up…) and graphics cards that can’t handle constant resolution swapping. For this reason, starting from version 1.2.0, the autotune is disabled by default.

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